Supercharge Your Udemy Learning Potential

Transform your Udemy learning experience with seamless screenshot integration and smart note taking features. The only tool you will ever need to boost your gains from your Udemy course.


How IniNote works?

IniNote extends your Udemy note taking ability and it boosts your understanding and retention of the subject.

For Serious Students

If you actually want to remember what you learn on Udemy, note taking is essential. IniNote gives the ultimate solution to get the most out of your courses.

NoteTaking Fun

IniNote makes Udemy note taking an easy and rewarding experience.


Take and edit screenshots in seconds with zero distraction.

Available Anywhere

Export and review your notes to other devices and platforms.

Integrated with Udemy

Make notetaking a one touch activity beautifully integrated.

Formatted Code

Copy code snippets with proper formatting to use them later.

Preserve Your Ideas

Easily record any idea you get with easy future reference.

Boost Your Understanding

IniNote adds the final touch to your Udemy learning experience improving your retention of the materials by as much as 300% making study review a breeze.


Ready to get started?

You can try IniNote right now for free.

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